Good Causes

We here at THE OLIVE TREE are very proud to support

GM FUNDRAISING - Raising hope for children with long term or terminal illness

Having had experience ourselves of friends losing young children, and seeing first hand the support organisations like these can give to families, we will be starting some fund raising efforts for this very worthwhile charity in the very near future. Please visit their website for more information on the fantastic work they do, in conjunction with HOPE HOUSE




THE OLIVE TREE are very proud to be an advocate for THE THREE TUMOURS charity, created by some very inspirational people, for a very inspirational cause.  Below are all of the ways you can find out about THE THREE TUMOURS, their story, and ways to donate to what is a fantastic and moving cause


TWITTER - @thethreetumours

FACEBOOK - thethreetumours




PLEASE NOTE - These are our charities of choice, and whilst we are supportive of charities and other good causes, we will be supporting these charities, and local causes already agreed for 2019 - 2020